Parade Balloons

Parade Balloons for All Budgets

Parade balloons are affordable for almost every budget!

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on giant helium parade balloons and cold-air parade balloons.

We have 20ft. giant helium balloon rentals from $1000. Add you helium and you have a huge, attractive, entertaining and memorable event.

red color star shape giant helium balloon used in parades
Giant parade balloons at affordable prices!

We have a great selection of 20ft – 25ft helium parade balloons available for purchase from $2500.00.

turkey shape helium parade balloon and two yellow star helium parades shown in the air
Parade balloons for rent from $1000 and sale from $2500.00.

We also have giant cold-air inflatables for rental at very affordable rates.

wild brown turkey shape cold air inflatable for parades
Turkey cold-air inflatable parade balloon

You city or organization can have a beautiful parade on a very small budget.

Add a few of our ornament pieces and you will have a spectacular event that will bring the crowds back year after year.

We also offer larger helium and cold-air inflatables if you require larger balloons.

Our balloons are easy to use, reusable and with a little care will last for years. Of course, common sense is always your friend. Don’t attempt to inflate the helium balloons in windy weather. Inflate slowly in cold weather and when it is packed after use make sure it is dry.

Depending on the size and shape of the giant helium balloon it may contain a number of separate compartments. We include specific instructions for each different shape balloon so it is easy to fill and use. For large helium balloons we have available for purchase special helium diffuser that helps inflate the balloon faster and easier.

Cold-air parade inflatables need to set on a flatbed truck or trailer and they need a generator to keep them inflated.

Do you have height or width restrictions?

What are your maximum height and width?

How high is the flatbed of your truck or trailer?

We can help with any of your questions!

Have a special design? We can make most shapes.

Contact us at 1-800-791-1445 for more information on giant helium and cold-air balloons for parades.